Details in Manufacturing Lay the Foundation

Based on their different manufacturing processes, our home decor items are produced in different factories, depending on the materials they are made of.

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Metal Products Factory

We will choose the best raw materials (usually pipes or sheets) and perform fine cutting and welding according to the drawings. We will then polish and grind the formed items and send them to the QC Department for quality inspections. After this, qualified items will be electroplated.

  • This method is mainly used to make sculptures, vases, candlesticks, wall decors, and some accessories.

Marble Products Factory

Most of our marble products are made from artificial marble with well-proportioned colors and textures instead of using fragile and unevenly textured natural marble. We will cut and engrave the raw material marble plates according to your requirements and will polish the shaped items before quality inspections.

  • Mainly used to make sculptures, vases, candle holders and the base of sculptures because of its weight and stability.

Wood Products Factory

Our carefully selected wood raw materials not only provide quality assurance for our products, but also add value to our products. Our wood products are usually processed through multiple steps such as cutting–drilling–jointing–belt–polishing–base painting–dry–face painting.

  • Mainly used to make storage boxes and trays.

Resin Products Factory

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People Are the Key to Quality

fashim home decor technical craftsmen

Technical Craftsmen

Home décor products from FASHIM are produced by hand. Attending to the finer details of the production process lets our designers and craftsmen avoid welding scars and surface scars, ensuring each product is durable and unique.

fashim home decor experienced qc team

Experienced QC Team

Products manufactured within the facility go through strict quality control before leaving the premises. Our professional quality control team goes through each stage of production, from the materials to the final product.

Quality Control Highlights

  • 01

    Incoming Inspection

    We have strict raw material inspection, including quantity, specifications, model, certification and other items.

    fashim home decor incoming inspection
  • 02

    Welding Inspection

    Metal welding parts that need to be surface treated will be sampled and tested, and the deviation of the butt joints should not exceed 0.1mm.

    fashim home decor welding inspection
  • 03

    Adhesion Test

    A knife to scratch 100 squares of 1mm*1mm, and a 3M adhesive tape to peel off at a
    45-degree angle. Dropping no more than 10 paints.

    fashim home decor adhesion test
  • 04

    Salt Spray Test

    Place the sample in a 5% NaCl solution for 48/72 hours, and check if the surface plating layer is still intact after drying.

    fashim home decor salt spry test
  • 05

    Hardness Test

    Use a pencil of different hardness to scratch the surface of the sprayed layer, and wipe it with rubber to check the surface for obvious scratches.

    fashim home decor hardness test
  • 06

    Drop Test

    According to the height corresponding to the weight of the product, the package will be tested at one corner, three sides and six sides for ten times to test its stability.

    fashim home decor drop test

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