From Imagination to Production, We Make Your Ideas into Reality.

FASHIM offers customization services for all products, bringing your unique brand to every item. Once we receive the design drawings or ideas, our team translates these into sample sketches for reference. A sample is then made and sent to you, along with material recommendations.

The spirit of innovation and pursuit for aesthetics is behind all our products. Each one is handled by our experienced team of designers, craftsmen and inspectors, ensuring quality.

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A Wide Range of Customizable Options

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We offer a wide selection of materials, including marble, wood, metal, and resin. You can choose the materials you need in these categories.

  • p04 s03 img 01 Brass
  • p04 s03 img 01 Iron
  • Marble
  • p04 s03 img 01 MDF
  • p04 s03 img 01 stainless
    Stainless Steel


We can meet your needs whether it's a simple or complex shape, mini or giant size. What's more, you can choose specific colors and finishes for your products. We offer even more appearance customization options than what are mentioned below:


If your custom product requires special accessories, we can outsource these according to your requirements. Feel free to pick suitable attachments for your ideal home decor items.

FASHIM's Successful Case

The following case study about how we offer successful customization services in the Home Decor industry shows our capability of offering flexible OEM services to meet our clients' needs.

FASHIM's Successful Case


When customizing a personalized vase for a client, it was found that the small beads on part of the vase were difficult to be vacuum-plated and affecting the color finish.


Following discussions between the PMC and supply chain departments, we water-plated the small bead parts and sent a sample to our client for confirmation.


Our processing results were positively recognized by the client. The client accepted the quotation, signed a contract with us and engaged us to provide them with a private model.


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Talents Are the Base of Our OEM Capability

We take pride in our talented design team, with members averaging at least 4 years in the industry. Home décor projects tackled by the team range from simple to detailed, with personalized items handled with ease.

Our designers' designs are nationally recognized, with one receiving a national exhibition award -- 2017 Art Display China Crystal Kylin Award.

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4 Steps to Get Your Customized Home Decor Items

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    Tell Us What You Need

    Tell us about your ideas, or you can provide us with the drawings and detailed requirements information about the items that you want to customize.

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    We Provide a Preliminary Quotation

    After researching your requirements, we
    will provide a custom plan (including the recommended material, size, etc.) with a preliminary quotation.

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    We Send You Samples to Confirm

    We will make samples according to your
    needs, and the samples will be sent to you for confirmation. If the samples meet the standard, we will carry out mass production.

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    Get Customized Home Decor Items

    The mass production will be carried out with the confirmed samples as reference. And we will send the finished products with specific packaging to you as soon as possible.

What's Behind Our OEM Capability

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Know Who We Are

For years, FASHIM has been continually serving various clients including furniture stores, home decor e-malls, interior design companies etc.

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Our Manufacturing Capability

We focus on a systematic manufacturing process, sophisticated craftsmanship and strict control
of quality.

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