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Decorative candle holders are excellent for enhancing the ambiance of any dining room. Most of them are made of metal and marble and come in different styles, whether they are in glass or in bowl form.

FASHIM is a qualified candle holder manufacturer that gives you a whole array of candle holders to suit the needs of your customers for interior decoration. They improve the scenery of any household and can help you promote your brand through their classy elegance.

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Candle Holder Manfacturing at FASHIM

Choosing from Metal and Marble

FASHIM brings two kinds of candle holders for wholesaler, interior design and furniture companies: metal and marble. Metal matches well with the hardware around a household while the sleekness of marble fits with the aesthetic of an old-fashioned mansion. Our materials can be customized according to your bulk order and specifications.

Various Styles to Suit Clients' Target Market

Our candle holders come in a variety of styles and shapes to give households a variety of choices. Your customers might be drawn to the polished sleekness of contemporary candle holders to the antique appeal of the retro style or the cleanliness of minimalist designs. Either way, your product needs are met with our top of the line candle holders.

Cooperate with FASHIM - Candle Holder Manufacturer

We are a Chinese factory that specializes in decorative candle holders that fit the demands of the industry. Our design team is experienced in forming new designs each month to meet your requirements. They can take your ideas and turn them into on-trend decorative candle holders that can appeal to your audience.

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