Chess Board Made by FASHIM

Adding chess boards into any home decoration not only creates a good talking point but also brings a functional entertainment for guests and visitors alike. Sleek and elegant, chess boards made with fine materials like steel, marble, and wood show sophistication and class to the owners of the home.

As chess board manufacturers, FASHIM has boards that can fit into different home décor styles thanks to its use of fine materials and processing techniques. Available in the classic chessboard or the simpler tic-tac-toe setup, these boards will be the center of any home décor setup.

Chess Board Manufacturing at FASHIM

What Chess Boards Bring to Home Decor

Having a chessboard in any home décor setup is like an invitation to guests for a friendly game of chess. It serves as a good ice breaker and a conversation starter, a set piece that would never go out of style. Chess boards also speak about their owners, as owning one show how the person loves to think and plan things accordingly.

Various Styles to Suit Clients' Target Market

In creating our chess boards, we use different materials to suit the demand of the client’s market. Wood, marble, and steel are utilized either individually or combined to create stunning boards for chess or tic-tac-toe, celebrating their individual qualities though proper finishing. We also apply different designs to make each board applicable to any set or theme.

Cooperate with FASHIM - Chess Board Manufacturer

Partnering with FASHIM gives you access to trendy and timeless chess boards that fit your customer’s needs. Our expert design team leads in adapting modern and classic designs to each board coming out of our factory in China that specializes in chess boards.  We also cater to any and all specific requirements you may have for the chess boards to enhance your brand on the product.

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