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Pictures, paintings, and collages capture a specific moment in time that most people feel are important and special. Having a picture frame that fully complements that image makes the moment more memorable, creating a more impacting message through it. Whether made from wood, metal or a combination of both, a well-made picture frame enhances the framed image, turning it into a work of art.

At FASHIM, we offer creative and distinct picture frames that cater to different design preferences and demands. With timeless value in material and design, we deliver products your brand can rely on.

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Decorative Picture Frame Manufacturing at FASHIM

What Picture Frames Bring to Home Decor

Picture frames encapsulate a certain memory or event seen in any image or painting. Whether hung on a wall or standing on a table, these frames protect the memories for a long time. As such, it is important that the frames are not only sturdy but can complement the theme of the image, along with the room it is in.

Various Styles to Suit Clients' Target Market

With different audiences looking for a different style of the picture frame, FASHIM provides a wide array of designs to choose from.  Materials range from wood, metal, or both, and are not confined to the simple single-frame designs. Options for multiple frames are also available, adding more value to the frame. Frames are finished with either paint or chrome, with options for engravings.

Cooperate with FASHIM - Decorative Picture Frame Manufacturer

FASHIM has a facility in China that caters specifically to manufacturing trendy and durable picture frames. Our expert team of designers can customize frames based on your instructions, creating frames that are as unique as your brand. Contact us today for a quote, and get started with providing quality picture frames to your customers.

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