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Decorative storage items and jars bring unique and fun storage options to any room beyond keeping items safe and secure.  With designs that range from the simple marble decorative jars to the rustic wood jewelry containers, customers prefer storage items that can complement their style perfectly.

Add value to your best-selling products with a jewelry box from FASHIM. As a leading jewelry box factory in China, we create fashionable boxes and jars in various designs, materials, and finishes. Only the finest material and processes are used to make sure each container lasts across generations.

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Storage & Jar Manufacturing at FASHIM

Choosing from Wooden, Marble, Leather Boxes

Each of our storage items is manufactured using top of the line wood, marble and leather materials. Materials are carefully selected and cut with the latest equipment to retain the material’s strength. Designs are meticulously engraved on the surface and finished with a thorough polish to bring out its beauty. Products can be customized to meet order requirements based on order quantity.

Jars in Home Decor

Part of the modern wave in home décor, decorative jars provide a classy take on the design scene.  Mostly used with lights, flowers and other pieces, these jars are versatile and can be used in any room theme. Mason jars are the most popular jar type for customers, though other shapes and sizes are also available to bring out the best in any part of the home.

Cooperate with FASHIM - Manufacturer of Decorative Storage Items & Jars

 With years of experience specializing in decorative storage products, FASHIM is your choice for decorative storage boxes and jars. Pursuing the latest trends in decorative containers, our talented designers focus on understanding the client’s needs and translate them into brand-impacting boxes, jars, etc. Our factory in China has the latest equipment to process high-quality storage items and jars under a low MOQ.

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