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Trays are an everyday item that does more than just improve the beauty of a place. They can be used to organize things in a bedroom or living room. People can make them into gifts to bring to relatives or friends. A wide array of materials can be used to make these trays, from wood to marble to leather. They can also come in different styles, such as mirrored trays that can hold jewelry and perfumes.

FASHIM offers a range of decorative trays that fit various interior design preferences. You can meet your customers’ needs with our wide array of decorative trays and improve the value of our brand through the aesthetic value that our products bring.

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Tray Manufacturing at FASHIM

Choosing from Wood, Marble, Leather Tray

We produce trays that are made from various materials, such as wood, marble, and leather. Wood is biodegradable and easier to process. Marble has a smooth surface and easily accepts any kind of polish. Leather is resistant to dry abrasions and fire. These materials can be customized according to your bulk order at any time.

Various Styles and Shapes to Suit Clients' Target Market

Our designers can provide different styles of trays that go well with any home. The vintage tray is a classic that helps display antiques in a home. Minimalist trays are simple in design and focus more on the display of items. You can also choose trays that come in different shapes, such as hexagons and squares that open up more items to be held, while also giving space to unique designs.

Cooperate with FASHIM - Trays Manufacturer

FASHIM is a tray manufacturer in China that specializes in customization. Our team of experienced designers can make use of your drawings and ideas to form trays of various styles. We aim to make on-trend trays for your product needs.

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