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Vases can bring the beauty of nature into any household, holding flowers to freshen the place. Indeed, a decorative vase enhances the look and feel of any room, creating a garden inside the house. Our vases are made of metal, ceramic or marble, among other popular materials.

FASHIM offers a complete range of vases that fits various home decor styles and meet your customers’ needs. We only use materials that are durable and last long. Our decorative vases provide artistic appeal while also working to promote your brands.

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Vase Manufacturing at FASHIM

Choosing from Metal, Ceramic, Marble Vases

We in FASHIM produce vases made from top of the line metal, ceramic and marble. Metal and marble make vases stronger and less prone to breaking while ceramic offers you lightness and heat resistance for your vases. Our materials are inspected beforehand to ensure that they can be easily customized according to your specifications.

Various Styles and Shapes to Suit Clients' Target Market

FASHIM provides vases in a variety of styles and shapes that cater to your product needs. The variety we offer in terms of style gives your customers plenty of choices that suit their interior design well. From the clean and vibrant take of contemporary vases to the simple and calm designs of the minimalist style, we can shape our vases to meet the demands of your market.

Cooperate with FASHIM - Decorative Vases Manufacturer

Our specialization in decorative vases requires that we use advanced processing machines to meet product demands. FASHIM is a dedicated manufacturer based in China that thoroughly makes quality vases with help from advanced equipment. Our team of designers are experienced in taking requests from different distributors. They take your ideas and review them in order to make reliable and on-trend decorative vases.

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