Wall Decor Made by FASHIM

Wall decors complete the look of any home or office for your customer. Ranging from different styles like mirrors, wall holders, photo art, and others, wall décor adds the finishing touches that turn any room from good to great. 

At FASHIM, we supply various wall decor that complements any style your customers may need. Removable or static, our wall decorations are made from different materials that each brings their own beauty to the final room.  Designs range from simple and rustic to elaborate and glamorous, carrying quality that your brand can rely on.

Wall Decor Manufacturing at FASHIM

What Wall Decors Bring to Home Decor

As the final piece in any room decoration, wall decor completes any room design and fills the gap left after the furniture and accents. While not playing a very important part in itself, wall décor provides the needed touch with the variety of items that can be added. Mirrors, wall-mounted holders, basket holders, and inspirational messages bring everything together to define what that room is.

Various Styles to Suit Clients' Target Market

Wall décor from FASHIM come in different styles and types, giving your customers a wide range to choose from. Wall-mounted mirrors, decorations, and set pieces are made from durable materials like steel and wood, giving a reliable product for your brand. These pieces also come in different colors and finishes, able to fit any theme and set desired for the room.

Cooperate with FASHIM - Wall Decor Manufacturer

Sourcing your wall decor needs from FASHIM not only assures you of quality products but also ensures that you have access to a wide array of choices. We provide trendy wall decor manufactured in-house through our facility in China, using the best materials and processes to guarantee products your brand can trust. Our expert designers also handle customized orders, giving your products a unique look and feel.

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