OEM Capability for Your Business Needs

Material Options

[1] Material Options

We offer a variety of materials for your customization needs, which including marble, wood, metal, and resin.

Customizable Appearance

[2] Customizable Appearance

All your customization needs for the shape, size, color, or finish of your home decor items can be met here.

Accessories Available

[3] Accessories Available

We will also offer an outsourcing service if your custom product requires any specific accessories.

Precision Craftsmanship Brings Value

We focus on craftsmanship. For home decor items, in addition to creative design inspiration, fine craftsmanship is the most valuable point for the home decor items.

All of our products are handmade by experienced craftsmen. And our production processes are systematically taken in different factories according to different raw materials.

fashim home decor exhibition hall

More than the Craft - Our Pursuit of Aesthetics

In the home decor industry, the most powerful manufacturer has the most valuable artistic aesthetic. We respect talent training, actively participate in exhibitions around the world, understand the latest industry trends and always maintain the pursuit of art.

FASHIM, certified with ISO9001, is your reliable home decor manufacturing partner, whether for now or in the future.

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